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Since 2002 our lawn care services at Kingdom Landscapes has grown to manage Commercial, Residential and HOA properties We are proud to introduce a new addition to our line of services, Street Vultures, LLC. We provide many services that aid in the maintenance of Commercial, Residential and HOA properties. With the ever increasing competition amongst Retail and Professional Offices, property cleanliness could determine whether a customer returns to your property or chooses your competitor. The negative effects of unkept property drastically effect the return of customers and the potential of drawing in new customers. As a business that relies on foot traffic or vehicle traffic to gain customers, a clean property is essential to maintaining customer confidence for both their health and safety, and their personal property. The parking lot is your first impression, make it the right impression.

Services We Provide

  • Backpack blowing all areas to aid the vacuuming of common areas
  • Emptying and relining trash cans on property
  • Hand-picking litter inaccessible to Sweeper Trucks
  • Cleaning all areas with a parking lot vacuum sweeper
  • Hauling of Large Dumped or oversized items abandoned on property
  • Fall Clean ups and Leaf removal
  • Regular inspections of property

Government & Municipality

We will maintain the current EPA, City Storm Water and Drainage runoff compliance laws and regulations. Maintaining the road ways and access lanes from the accumulation of sediment, debris, trash, road salt, trace metals and leaves.

Commercial &

We will provide a safe and clean environment for your customer to enjoy. In addition to a well maintained landscape, the parking lot is your first impression to your customer. Instilling customers with confidence, that they, as well as their vehicle, are safe and secure in a clean environment, is essential to repeat business.

HOA & Events

Nothing says community pride like a neighborhood that is pristine. Well-maintained streets and parking lots lower maintenance and high costs of street repair. HOA members can rest assured that the longevity of their neighborhoods will be maintained if proper maintenance is conducted. Streets and drainage can cause unnecessary water damage to personal property and developments. Environmental issues can be avoided with regular servicing and cleaning of drainage and runoff areas.

Construction &

Preventing stormwater contamination improves your commitment to the environment, and to future generations. We will keep your surrounding community safe and your business in compliance with local, state, and federal environmental regulations. Preventive maintenance is essential in areas of new construction and industrial areas to help control unnecessary environmental runoff into the environment.

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